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Welcome to Bon-Vivant Equestrian Supply Co.  

We are a Quality Tack Wholesale Importer and Distributor of Fine Equestrian Horse Accessories Crafted all over the World. 

Ride Well     Be Safe     Have Fun     &     Look Good !

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A Unique World of Quality Equestrian Equipment & Horse Accessories:  English Saddle Pads, Equine Bell Boots, Horse Treats, Custom Browbands, Custom Horse Bridles and so much more!

We are passionate about good quality products which provide solutions for english athletes, leisure riders and of course...horses.  Our experience has been gained first hand, and we provide a range of patented, high quality, technologically advanced equestrian products offering superior quality with no compromise.

If you are looking for unique, quality and fashion-forward equine tack and horse accessories, you're going to be thrilled to see what we have found for you.

We have an unforgettable selection of equine bell boots, horse browbandshorse treats, english saddle pads and other chic equestrian products.

International Horse Tack Distributor and Tack Wholesale Supply
Beasties Horse Tack Solutions

Brands and products... 

  • BeastiesTM Horse Tack Solutions
     ~ Horse Bridles 

    ~ Bling Halters & Leather Halters

    ~ Bling Equestrian Belts

    ~ Horse Browbands

    ~ Strap Goods

    ~ Sparkle & Bling Dog Collars

    ~ Bling Boot Clips

  • Brittany's Bran Mash & Horse Treats
  • Big Farma Old Fashioned Remedies
  • The Illuminated Hoof Pick
  • RES Equine Products

    ~ Bell Boots w/Replaceable Velcro 

    ~ Fetlock & Open Front Jumping Boots

    ~ Suspensory Support Boots

    ~ Splint Boots

    ~ Fleece Polo Wraps

  • KM Elite Products & Saddle Pads

     ~ Sheepskin Saddle Pads & Half Pads

    ~ Designer Saddle Pads

  • Jude Too Horse Cards
  • Stall Mate - Equine Fly Spray Caddy

Volte Transitions Dressage Horse Tack and Browbands
We supply trendy equestrian products that meet the greater need of leisure and competition horses.
Our products safeguard and respect the equestrian tradition, while bringing new traditions and fashions to the sport at the same time!